2012 Central Florida World AIDS Day Event

Come and join us at the WAD 2012 event in Central Florida on December 1st, 2012!

Check Out the Flyers for the Event:  WA Flyer  Participants

This year we are honoring World AIDS Day in Central Florida with a special community event. This
is an opportunity for professionals, community members, and persons infected or affected with HIV/
AIDS to dialogue, share successes, and honor and celebrate the lives of those persons living with as well
as remembering those who lost their fight with HIV /AIDS.
As we enter year 31 of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we have made great strides toward the care and
prevention of HIV nationwide and worldwide. These accomplishments and achievements should be
acknowledged and celebrated. Keeping our accomplishments in mind, it is imperative that we DO NOT
forget the fight we still face, along with honoring those who fought (and those still fighting) to get us to
where we are today. The World AIDS Day event will be held at the Orange County Regional History
Center, located at 65 East Central Boulevard in Orlando on December 1, 2012 from 11am-3pm.
The theme of our World AIDS Day event is: “Getting to ZERO: Zero New HIV Infections; Zero
Discrimination; Zero AIDS related Deaths.”
With inspirational speakers, performances by local groups, and memorial displays, we are
anticipating many participants from a variety of agencies, organizations, institutions, and clinical settings
in the Central Florida Area. Free HIV counseling and testing will also be provided by local agencies. This
event in honor of World AIDS Day will be a time of remembrance and a celebration of life that will
include the entire Community.
The Central Florida AIDS Planning Consortium invites you to come out and celebrate, acknowledge,
honor, remember and embrace over 30 years of challenges and change to come at our annual World AIDS
Day celebration. Your support is appreciated and essential to the success of our celebration/tribute as
community members, front line workers, clinicians, and consumers come together in the fight against

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