Advisory Board

Brian White – President/CEO – Program Director
Brian is the President/CEO & Program Director of the Positive Flow Foundation.  He’s worked in the computer software industry for over 13 years and has been mentoring to help students for more than 20 years.  He has participated in Orange and Seminole county ‘Teach In’ days for the last 4 years.  He won the 2008 Volunteer of the Year award from Crooms Academy of Technology High School in Sanford, FL.  Brian has also been a soccer and AAU basketball coach over the last few years for youth in the central Florida area.  He’s participated as a volunteer tutor for all ages at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville, FL.  Brian holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL.  When Brian’s nephew was shot on Christmas in 2006, he knew he had to do more with the youth of today.  Brian realized that the youth of today need something Positive in their lives.  This was the birth of Positive Flow!

Vanessa White – Treasurer – Finance Director
Vanessa is the Treasurer and Finance Director of the Positive Flow Foundation.  She’s participated as a chaperone and class room assistant for elementary students for more than 6 years.  She has also assisted teachers and organizers in Pre-Schools for games and structured events for students.  She’s been an active member of the PTA at Apopka area schools for more than 9 years.  Vanessa possesses a BS degree in Computer Information Systems from Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, FL.  She’s worked in various professions, but working with children allows her to display her creative talents.  She was more than happy to help start the Positive Flow Foundation.

Lisa Abdallah-Nosakhere – Secretary – Fundraising Director
Lisa is the Secretary and Fundraising Director of Positive Flow Foundation.

Baruti Abdallah-Nosakhere – Events Coordinator
Baruti is the Events Coordinator of Positive Flow Foundation.

Evana Jackson – Assistant Program Director
Evana is the Assistant Program Director.  She has been a teacher for 12 years, ranging from preschool toddlers to 3rd grade children.  She has also had the privilege of working and teaching special needs children.  Her philosophy of teaching is that honesty is the best policy with parents, and she knows how to communicate and educate on each individual child’s level.  She is certainly an asset to Positive Flow because of her knowledge of various strategies that allows the child to take in what is being put out.

Elias AbuGhazaleh – Vice President – Communications Director
Elias is the Vice President & Communications Director of Positive Flow Foundation.  He continues to work in the computer software industry, 22 years, and holds a BS degree in Computer Science from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA.  Shortly after meeting and getting to know Brian, and seeing what Positive Flow Foundation was all about, he wanted to help out.  He always enjoyed hearing about the Positive Flow Foundation events from Brian and found a way to help! Elias took action when he saw an opportunity to showcase some of his creativity and help promote Positive Flow Foundation via the internet.  Thus the re-birth of on the web.

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