Edison Park Elementary

Positive Flow Foundation Member Busta St. James will be teaming up with Big Papa Pump (Miami Dolphins #1 Fan) on April 12th in Miami at Edison Park Elementary.  An all day event, Busta St. James and Big Papa will be educating and entertaining the students!

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On April 12th, Positive Flow visited Edison Park Elementary school in Miami, FL.  Since the students were gearing up for the FCAT, Positive Flow wanted to encourage and motivate the kids to do their best.  The students and faculty of Edison Park welcomed Positive Flow members Brian and Busta with open arms.  Brian and Busta had a great time at Edison Park.  Principal Carla Patrick took Brian on a tour of the school and let him sit in on some of the classes.  She also gave him some history of the school and the local area.  Busta visited all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes to give a little inspiration.  His message was keep smiling, enjoy life and always do your best at everything you do.  Busta had a chaperone because as you know, he can get a little out of hand at times. 

 Big Papa Pump and Country Boy G thrilled the kids with their music, dance and video.  Big Papa Pump is a true Miami Dolphin’s Fan.  Ricky Jean Francois of the San Francisco 49ers talked with the kids about the importance of doing well on the FCAT.  Ricky grew up in the same neighborhood as some of the kids at the school.  Brian completed the event by stressing the importance of self esteem, being happy and doing well in school.  The kids even got to sing along with Brian when he performed “Throw Some A’s”. 

 The event was a success!  We donated sports packs, water bottles and school supplies for all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes.  The kids had a great time and all of the speakers enjoyed themselves, as well.  Positive Flow would like to thank everyone that assisted in making this event happen, including: our donors and the staff and students at Edison Park Elementary. We hope the kids did well on the FCAT!

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