Flow Nights!

Flow Night is our group mentoring event that focus on education and having fun.  These events provide a safe environment for students and families one Saturday night of each month to focus on education and positive interaction.   It’s a social and educational time with food, music, board/video games, basketball, career training seminars, tutoring, mentor sessions, movies and lots of fun!  Flow Nights will help students advance in school, as well as careers.  Flow Night will work with students in all areas of education with focuses on Literacy, Math and Science.  Youth will work directly with professionals in their areas of expertise in order to help them with school work, projects and career goals in a stress free environment.  Learning from professionals who are actually living the life will give more depth to the learning process for students.  Volunteer speakers from various backgrounds will be available to talk with students and families on various topics that include student safety, law enforcement, science, mathematics, engineering, new technologies, understanding finances and many more.  Flow Nights will bring communities together in order to the help students increase character, self esteem and become better students.

Print the Flow Nights Registration Form <= Click it.

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