Flow Nights!

Flow Night is our group mentoring event that focus on education, cooperative learning and having fun.  One Saturday night of each month we bring children, families and professionals together in a safe and positive atmosphere.   It’s a social and educational time with food, music, games, career training seminars, tutoring, mentor sessions, movies and lots of fun!  Flow Night brings communities together in to help students improve in character, self esteem and develop more positive lifestyles. 

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October 31, 2015 – Flow Night
September 26, 2015 – Flow Night
August 29, 2015 – Flow Night
June 27, 2015 – Flow Night
May 30, 2015 – Flow Night
April 25, 2015 – Flow Night (Pajama Night – Online Safety!)
March 28, 2015 – Flow Night (Sports Night)
February 28, 2015 – Flow Night (StayWell Health Night)
January 31, 2015
November 29, 2014
October 25, 2014 (Costume Night)
September 27, 2014 (Mix & Match, Library Presentation by Patrice Walkere from Orange County Library)
August 30, 2014 (Nerd Night)
July 26, 2014 (Music Video Shoot – Superman)
June 28, 2014 (Engineering Presentation by Ram Persuade)
May 31, 2014 (Financial Presentation by Chad McKendrick. To learn more about Mr. McKendrick click here)

Special Thanks to our Flow Nights Sponsors