What People Are Saying

“You guys should talk with our teachers.  You seem to understand us, but our teachers don’t.  You make us feel like we can do anything.”
– South Seminole Middle School Student (February 2015)

“You all have done an excellent job putting this program together.  My kids love coming to Flow Nights and they enjoy coming to Tutoring every week.”
– Parent of Tutored Student (February 2015)

“The kids in this program want you all here every day.  You guys relate to them very well.  Some of these kids hear negativity all day, but when you guys talk with them it’s a relief.  You brighten their day and give them something to smile about.”
– South Seminole Middle School Teacher (February 2015)

“I can’t wait until you guys come out next month.  We always have a great time when you come.”
– Greenwood Lakes Middle School Student (February 2015)

“You guys need to come to the school every day.  There are a lot of students that need positive role models like you who are down to earth.  You guys have changed me, so I know you can change many more.”
– Milwee Middle School Student (February 2015)

“We had no clue what we were end for when you came through the door.  But once you guys left, they couldn’t stop talking about you.  You’ve made a great impact on these kids and that’s hard to do.”
– Greenwood Lakes Middle School Teacher (January 2015)

“We had no clue you guys were in the Parade until we heard the Superman song.  The kids went wild and everyone was doing your Superman dance.  That’s a good song with a strong message.
– MLK Parade Attendee (January 2015)

“We love how you bring the message to the kids in such a unique way.  Their reactions are priceless once they realized what you are actually teaching them.  Great message, great delivery.”
– Milwee Middle (January 2015)

“You all have found a much needed niche by providing free tutoring to so many students.  After just a few weeks, I’ve seen a change in my son’s work.”
– Tutoring Night Parent (December 2014)

“The family and I enjoyed Movie Night.  My son couldn’t stop eating the hot dogs.  Can you have it every weekend?”
– Movie Night Parent (December 2014)

“I came out to another school to watch your Positive Flow Show and you guys were great with the kids.  We need this at my daughter’s school.  Will you be adding the Positive Flow Show to my child’s school next year?”
– Orange County Public School Teacher (November 2014)

“Thank you so much for your continued support!  Our families will definitely appreciate the food boxes this holiday season.”
– Seminole County School Principal (November 2014)

“You guys have been awesome.  Our kids ask all the time when will you be back because they love the life skill games.”
– Pinecrest Elementary (October 2014)

“If it wasn’t for your weekly tutoring, my daughter would be failing Algebra II.  Thanks for what you are doing in the community.”
– Tutoring Parent (October 2014)

“I want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to you and your crew for coming by Greenwood yesterday. Keep up the great work you guys do, it’s people like Positive Flow that will make an impact on our youth and change lives.”
– Greenwood Lakes Middle (October 2014)

“Our kids love the games and excitement you bring.  But I particularly enjoy how you incorporate a life skill into a game and then explain that life skill after the game has been played.”
– Wicklow Elementary (September 2014)

“The students forgot they were in school.  They had a great time and the message to them was awesome. When are you coming back?”
– SCPS Family Engagement Conference (May 2014)

“Everything especially when they started talking about making good grades in school and the discussion on bullying. Very impactful.”
– Forest City Elementary (May 2014)

“My kids always want to come to Flow Nights. They enjoy the people here and they like the group sessions.”
– Flow Night Parent (May 2014)

“Today’s children needed exactly what you taught and that you did it in a way they could relate to. Yes Buster was perfect and I think your young ladies should dress up also. (HEHEHE) It was great and I’m upset that we can’t have you back real soon.”
– Bentley Elementary (May 2014)

“Flow Nights is on point. My kids get to come hang out with friends on a Saturday night to enjoyo Positive games and presentations. Your presenters have been great and the group sessions have good topics.”
– Flow Night Parent (April 2014)

“The way the kids just interacted and felt comfortable and their attentiveness for the entire show. It was remarkable, and I’d recommend this performance in my future conversations. Thanks again for uplifting our kids and our staff, looking forward to future shows being offered.”
– English Estates Elementary (April 2014)

“I really enjoyed the positive messages that were conveyed during the speech when you talked about the basketball student who suffered a knee injury and had to overcome significant obstacles. I also appreciated the segment that you touched on about how school is their community. I think that was an important message that will hopefully resonate with the students.”
– Markham Woods Middle School (January 2014)

The students love when Busta comes to read to them.  They know when Busta reads a story, he’s going to act out the story with them.  They actually feel like they are part of the story and that really excites them.”
– Hungerford Elementary (November 2013)

But most importantly, thank you for the life lessons you weaved into all the fun! I greatly appreciated the connections you made between what they have been learning in class and life in the real world- The importance of reading, writing, math, etc. and always trying to stay positive throughout all circumstances.  Really, how could they ever forget the guy with the enormous fro getting down with the Cuban Sandwich Dance one minute and cheer-leading with them the next?! Priceless!:)”
– Forsyth Elementary (November 2013)

“Students received empowering information and it speaks volumes to consistently see “Busta” involved in events throughout the school year.”
– Meadowbrook Middle School (October 2013)

Thank You! It was great for the kids to hear the message from someone new, in a new way.  They loved it.”
Crooms Academy (Sept 2010)

Mr. Brian White from Positive Flow was awesome and you could see that our dads were truly touched by his presentation. It was touching to see the dads lean over and tell their sons “I love you.” Just that gesture alone made this event worthwhile.”
– Cherokee School (Dec 2009)