Positive Flow Show

The Positive Flow Show is our empowerment session for schools and organizations for children K-12.  Music, Interactive Skits and Storytelling are used to focus on character improvement, peer pressure, self esteem, the importance of education and other topics pertinent to improve lifestyles.  At each event, the school is given school supplies, posters, backpacks, lanyards, t-shirts and the use of volunteer mentors for the year.  By creating a fun and entertaining environment, our information is easily retained and makes what we do very effective.  Our volunteer mentors will be available to work with the students throughout the year on multiple activities. Leadership programs, science fair projects, chaperoning educational trips and school sporting events are just a few of the activities our volunteers assist with.

Show Details:
·        45 to 60 minutes of pure entertainment rated for ALL AGES.
·        Music, Dancing, Skits and Games
·        Positive Skill Lessons across multiple topics that include but not limited to:
o    Bullying                      o    Critical Thinking
o    Music                          o    Good Habits
o    Crime & Violence     o    Drugs
o    Peer Pressure            o    Health
o    School/Teachers      o    Parents/Guardians
o    Positive Attitude

·         School Supplies, Posters and Shirts provided to all schools.
·         Full interaction with Positive Flow members after the show.
·         Optional – Visit from Busta St. James


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