The Positive Flow Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization directed at helping school-age youth of today to be more positive in life.  Today’s society is filled with chaos and unfortunately our young people fall in the middle.  There is a serious need for change in our society and it needs to happen now.  We need more Positivity in our communities.  In order for this change to occur, it has to appeal to a massive number of people that have not been corrupted by the things of yesterday.  These people are the children of today!

The children of the world today can choose to lead us into a better future and make tomorrow much better than yesterday.  For this to happen, we have to guide our young people into a positive direction. We have to provide them with the tools and thinking process to understand there is always a Positive solution to any problem.  They need to understand that all people are born good.  We have to influence them to be good and do the right things.  We have to give them a Positive Flow!  In order to reach as many young people as we can, we have designed a motivational program different from all others.  We focus on Entertaining by way of Empowerment sessions and Community Events!

Our Mission:
We believe there are many negative influences for children that prevent them from enjoying Positive Lifestyles.  Positive Flow exist to counter these negative influences.  With empowerment sessions, leadership programs, group mentoring and community events we will provide the inspiration children and families need to live more positive lifestyles.